nedelja, 02. marec 2014

DIY: Ruined pocket

About a year ago I bought myself these trousers, which I really liked. But of course, I had to ruin them. One day I sat down on a chewing gum. The best way to save my trousers would've been to put them in a freezer and one day later chewing gum would've come off easily. Unfortunately I did not know that back then, so I just washed them with water and soap and then scrubbed the smudge. And final result was: crap. My trousers literally lost colour on the pocket.  I was wondering for a long time what to do, because I did not want to throw them away. And this is what I've come up with ... 

what you'll need: 
- ruined trousers
-  some fabric
- scissors
- thread
- sewing needle 

 [you can not see my ruined pocket, but believe me, it was gross, especially with me wearing the trousers]

[ I know it is not an elegant cut ... ]

... I'm not really sure it if I like it or not. I mean, I love the pattern, but this white color is really outstanding. Either I will adjust to my new pocket or I will somehow change it. 

Tell me what you think.