četrtek, 26. februar 2015

Working out with youtube + tips how not to be lazy


Today's post will be about workouts at home. You know the weekends when its either too cold or raining thus the run outside is off; treadmill is not at all attractive but you do want to workout, you just don't know which exercises to do and for which part of your body ...
Well this had been a real struggle for me for a long time till the day I found out how many great youtube fitness channels there were. They really help a lot because they get you motivated and somehow forced for your workout. Luckily, they are made by professionals who know how to compose a good workout and if you do it right, you will get that 'post-workout feeling', which is the best feeling on earth.

My favourite youtube channels for working out are:



Popsugar Fitness

Insanity (*not a youtube channel, you can download it from web)

And another struggle we all deal with - how to get to workout if you are reeeeeeeally lazy. Here are some tips, that work for me:

- Dress yourself in sports clothes (this way you are almost ready to workout),
- find a workout you like on Youtube and get excited (even if it is only 16 minutes long - better working out for 16 minutes than laying on couch, wishing you were sweating),
- keep repeating this quote in your head: BE STRONGER THAN YOUR STRONGEST EXCUSE,
- remind yourself why you wanted to workout in the first place,
- set a goal to workout in the morning, this way you have a whole day then to relax and feel good.

Hope this post is helpful for all of you :)

No pain, no gain!


četrtek, 05. februar 2015

New in

Hi guys!

Today I had my last exam of this semester, so I decided to reward myself  ''a little bit'' (I've gone crazier that I meant, but I'm pretty sure you understand me very well :P). Keep reading to see what I bought.

1. Essence nail file
This is 2 way nail profi-file. One side is to shorten and the other to shape your nails. How long does this kind of file last for you? I'm not sure if this one will stay with me for more than a month or two ... I don't know why, maybe it's the way I style my nails, but I always end up destroying it.

2. Brushes
I always buy brushes that are not that good or I don't even need. Hope this time will be different.

Essence powder brush

Ebelin concealer pinsel

3. Alverde naturkosmetik powder
I used to apply the Essence powder a lot but I stopped due to the bad skin (dry and a little bit more pimpled). I decided to try this powder from Alverde because they have natural cosmetics, which can't be bad for your skin, right? 

4. Alverde naturkosmetik hand creme
This one smells like Calendula-pot marigold. I always need a hand creme, especially in winter.

5. Terra Naturi naturkosmetik serum for nail growth and repair. 
It smells like mango -  sooooo good.

6. Mascaras 
I only bought this two mascaras because I got both of them for 9, 99 €. They look cool (I was using the second one a few years ago and I liked it) and I think I will be satisfied with the result.

Debrah Milano extraordinary Mascara (5 in 1).

Deborah Milano Lash creator volume&care

Tell me which product would you like to read a review about. 

Shopping is always a good idea.


ponedeljek, 02. februar 2015

What I love ♡


A few days ago I saw this post (click) on Manca's blog I thought was really cool. And since I have been writing this list of things that I love for over a year now (and yes I did forget about it for months) I decided to do this kind of a post as well. But only for 'what I love' part as I try not to pay attention to the things that really get on my nerves (at least I'm trying not to :D).

So here it is, my list of WHAT I LOVE

- family 
- laughing so hard I can barely breath
- baking (muffins, cupcakes, cake pops, cakes ...)
- friends
- that feeling when I take my contacts out after a loooong day
- December 
- my pets (2 chinchillas and the cat)
- when I wake up in the morning knowing I've got NOTHING to do
- when I finally get under my blanket after a long and cold night out
-  b a b i e s
- that feeling after a good workout
- kindersurprise (all kinds)
- pretty nails
- that first days in spring after winter (and then the rest of it of course)
- when I check my phone to see a lot of new texts
- Ice age 1
- movie Like stars on earth
- emojis on iphone
- cute things
- that moment when I get back home after week spent in Ljubljana
- seeing money on my bank account
- when my dad/mom brings candies from the store
- when I get presents and everything is wraped seperately!
- holidays

- singing
- waiting for a package I ordered online to arrive
- massages
- positive exam results
- food
- TV shows (Friends, Desperate housewives, Dexter, PLL ...)
- summer
- when I receive a compliment
- cool sweaters
- ladybugs
- when I finally figure out the best present for someone's birthday
- when I get to the station and I see that my bus only has 2 minutes to come
- atmosphere in my flat in Ljubljana
- wrapping gifts
- surprises
- first night in clean bed sheets
- when I'm freezing and I put my onesie on 
- cuddling

... to be continued 

(Pictures were taken by my sister, Model: Filip)

Doing what you love is where happiness lives.