ponedeljek, 02. februar 2015

What I love ♡


A few days ago I saw this post (click) on Manca's blog I thought was really cool. And since I have been writing this list of things that I love for over a year now (and yes I did forget about it for months) I decided to do this kind of a post as well. But only for 'what I love' part as I try not to pay attention to the things that really get on my nerves (at least I'm trying not to :D).

So here it is, my list of WHAT I LOVE

- family 
- laughing so hard I can barely breath
- baking (muffins, cupcakes, cake pops, cakes ...)
- friends
- that feeling when I take my contacts out after a loooong day
- December 
- my pets (2 chinchillas and the cat)
- when I wake up in the morning knowing I've got NOTHING to do
- when I finally get under my blanket after a long and cold night out
-  b a b i e s
- that feeling after a good workout
- kindersurprise (all kinds)
- pretty nails
- that first days in spring after winter (and then the rest of it of course)
- when I check my phone to see a lot of new texts
- Ice age 1
- movie Like stars on earth
- emojis on iphone
- cute things
- that moment when I get back home after week spent in Ljubljana
- seeing money on my bank account
- when my dad/mom brings candies from the store
- when I get presents and everything is wraped seperately!
- holidays

- singing
- waiting for a package I ordered online to arrive
- massages
- positive exam results
- food
- TV shows (Friends, Desperate housewives, Dexter, PLL ...)
- summer
- when I receive a compliment
- cool sweaters
- ladybugs
- when I finally figure out the best present for someone's birthday
- when I get to the station and I see that my bus only has 2 minutes to come
- atmosphere in my flat in Ljubljana
- wrapping gifts
- surprises
- first night in clean bed sheets
- when I'm freezing and I put my onesie on 
- cuddling

... to be continued 

(Pictures were taken by my sister, Model: Filip)

Doing what you love is where happiness lives.