sreda, 29. oktober 2014

LJ marathon

Heeello! :)

I am so glad I can share this amazing news with you guys: on sunday, 26. 10. 2014, I (well, also my mom, sister, aunt, uncle and his wife) participated in marathon called Ljubljanski maraton. 10 km? NOT A PROBLEM ANYMORE! :)
I am so happy I decided to do it, it was such an amazing experience, you cannot believe how many people are running these days ... awwwh, I'm just filled with positive emotions.

Seriously, start running now.  

Oh and of course, our next goal ... 21 km!  :)))

A run begins a moment you forget you are running. 


nedelja, 19. oktober 2014

Sunny day at Otočec (OOTD)

Hello everyone!

Long time no talk, yeah, I know. I have not had much time lately due to the fact that I spend most of the time in Ljubljana at my Uni and work work work.
Anyway, I am loving the autumn we have been having this year; warm and sunny most of the time (although I would love it even more if all the mosquitos died already). Today has been suuuuuch a beautiful day and my family decided to have our lunch at the medieval castle Otočec. I immediately grabbed the opportunity and asked my father to take some pictures (in case I never mentioned, he is my photographer :D), because I knew it was time to write a new post.

(excuse my mom and sister in the background :D)

heels: Deichmann
trousers: H&M
shirt: Orsay
handbag: Primark 

(not the best pictures so far, yes ...) 

How wonderful yellow is. It stands for the sun.