nedelja, 19. oktober 2014

Sunny day at Otočec (OOTD)

Hello everyone!

Long time no talk, yeah, I know. I have not had much time lately due to the fact that I spend most of the time in Ljubljana at my Uni and work work work.
Anyway, I am loving the autumn we have been having this year; warm and sunny most of the time (although I would love it even more if all the mosquitos died already). Today has been suuuuuch a beautiful day and my family decided to have our lunch at the medieval castle Otočec. I immediately grabbed the opportunity and asked my father to take some pictures (in case I never mentioned, he is my photographer :D), because I knew it was time to write a new post.

(excuse my mom and sister in the background :D)

heels: Deichmann
trousers: H&M
shirt: Orsay
handbag: Primark 

(not the best pictures so far, yes ...) 

How wonderful yellow is. It stands for the sun.