četrtek, 26. februar 2015

Working out with youtube + tips how not to be lazy


Today's post will be about workouts at home. You know the weekends when its either too cold or raining thus the run outside is off; treadmill is not at all attractive but you do want to workout, you just don't know which exercises to do and for which part of your body ...
Well this had been a real struggle for me for a long time till the day I found out how many great youtube fitness channels there were. They really help a lot because they get you motivated and somehow forced for your workout. Luckily, they are made by professionals who know how to compose a good workout and if you do it right, you will get that 'post-workout feeling', which is the best feeling on earth.

My favourite youtube channels for working out are:



Popsugar Fitness

Insanity (*not a youtube channel, you can download it from web)

And another struggle we all deal with - how to get to workout if you are reeeeeeeally lazy. Here are some tips, that work for me:

- Dress yourself in sports clothes (this way you are almost ready to workout),
- find a workout you like on Youtube and get excited (even if it is only 16 minutes long - better working out for 16 minutes than laying on couch, wishing you were sweating),
- keep repeating this quote in your head: BE STRONGER THAN YOUR STRONGEST EXCUSE,
- remind yourself why you wanted to workout in the first place,
- set a goal to workout in the morning, this way you have a whole day then to relax and feel good.

Hope this post is helpful for all of you :)

No pain, no gain!