torek, 05. avgust 2014

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These rainy days are just made for online shopping. Recently I ordered a small package with three products from (Slovenian webpage). I really love their online shop. The number of different products they have is amazing (not to mention constant discounts and surprises),  there really is something for everyone. The staff is so nice and ready to help, I truly am amazed how much they love their job.

I bought myself these products:

1. Amazing care lipstic (love nude!) - Makeup revolution
2. Wild flower heaven blush - Everyday minerals
3. Invisi bobble - the traceless hair ring

1. Amazing care lipstic (love nude!) - Makeup revolution

I really wanted a nude lipstick that is also moisturising and hydrating. It hydrates your lips and makes them soft as it contains argain oil. I can not stand those lipstick that completely dry your lips, so I see a bright future with this one :D 

2. Wild flower heaven blush - Everyday minerals

When I have a choice, I much rather buy a product that is made of natural ingredients than of artificial ones. This blush powder is made of minerals. I am a little sceptical if it will fit me, because it is really bright. 

3.   Invisi bobble - the traceless hair ring 

The reason I bought these hair rings in the first place is that I like to wear my ponytail really high but after half an hour my head starts to really hurt. I've read some reviews about invisi bobble and everyone says that it does not cause headaches (and so it says on the box). I really wanted to give them a try. (there were 3 in the box but of course one was already keeping my ponytail). 

Tell me which of this products you like (if you own any) and which would you like to read a review about. 

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