nedelja, 29. junij 2014

Run, run, run, runny ...

hey everyone!

I am so done with exams, yeeeeeeey! I'm really glad I can finally enjoy the summer. :)

I wanted to talk about sport, that is to say running
I never truly liked running. However, the feeling that I was not in a good shape, convinced me of jogging. Frankly, it took time and several attempts to finally make this exercise a habit. And that is the reason I am proud of myself today. I run at least 3-4 times a week. I have a company of my mom and dad, which makes me really happy (I do not like running by myself). My first goal was to run 5 km (because I NEVER thought I could do it, even though it is not much). And I did it in like a month. Me, my mum and few other relatives participated in two charity running events. In first one we ran for 5 km and in second for 5, 7 km. I was so happy that I proved to myself I can do it, if I really want to and if I kick myself out of the house several times a week ... :D 
When me and my family go for a jog, we stick to 4 or 5 km (which takes us around half an hour). My home area is so hilly, it is pretty hard. I've been thinking about going for a run on stadium to see, how long I can run on a flat ground, because my next goal is 10 km

For all of you out there, who are hesitating over running/not running ... JUST DO IT! 

Reasons why:
  • it is the cheapest sport of all (you only need trainers (at first)),
  • you can run almost anywhere,
  • your whole body is transforming,
  • it is healthy,
  • it makes you feel better, happier (that feeling after a workout is indescribable),
  • it is something you can do with your family/friends or by yourself. 
Make sure you get enough rest, as your body needs it - do not force yourself. And if you ever feel lazy, just remember: No matter how slow you go or how long you run, you're still lapping everyone sitting on the couch!

After a month or so you will make running a habit and it will no longer be something you ''have to do today'' but something you WANT to do. 

Don't ask me why I run ... ask yourself why you don't.