sreda, 02. julij 2014

Ombre nails


Today I've been trying to paint my nails in 'ombre style'. I am satisfied with the result, although I would rather pick some other colors next time. 

Let's get started: 

1.  Pick bottles of nailpolish (2, 3, 4 ... as much as you want) and a sponge.

2. You can sellotape your fingers around your nails to save some time when cleaning.

3.  Create lines with colors  (in size and width of your nails).

4. Put the sponge carefully and slowly on your nail (from one side to another). Do this two to three times to make the colors more intensive.

5. Ta-da. Messy ...

6. Take off the sellotape and clean the rest of the mess with cotton bud.

I hope this is helpful. What colors should I use next time I'm doing ombre? :)

Have a lovely day.