sobota, 13. september 2014

Maybelline - The rocket volum' express mascara review

 Hello there!

I've been searching for the right mascara for years now. I really want one that gives you volume, length and a curl at the same time (yes, I am demanding, I know :P). I am constantly using 2 to 3 mascaras, because I am not satisfied with the result of a single use of any of those. Yesterday I bought myself  Maybelline - The rocket volum' express mascara. I've decided to buy this one, because I watched many youtube videos about it and it seemed perfect. Now that I had a chance to test it on myself, I'm not sure how I feel about it anymore.

This mascara has a jet-glide brush and it claims that it gives you a massive volume and is clump-free.

I agree that it gives you volume, but somehow it glues some of your lashes together. So, instead of 5 normal lashes, you have big fat giant one. Mascara is clump-free and it lengthens your lashes. 

I would still have to use eyelash curler, because it gives my eyes a much better look. I do not hate this mascara, I am just not buying it again. 

Tell me what you think if you own it or which mascara is your all-time favourite. 

Life is short ... Lashes don't have to be!